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As a fully integrated manufacturer with two complete Research and Development laboratories, a team of certified chemists, full mixing capabilities, and over 4,000 rubber compounds on hand, WARCO BILTRITE is equipped to formulate compounds that are specifically designed for your application.

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WARCO proudly executes on its heritage as the premier domestic producer of commercial, as well as custom, application-specific engineered sheet rubber products; stocking a broad line of thin gauge and heavy sheet rubber products. Our manufacturing capabilities include custom mixing and compounding, calendaring, rotocuring, custom dimensions, private branding, slitting and a variety of finishes including smooth cellophane finish, matte finish, paper finish and fabric finish.

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WARCO BILTRITE has been committed to providing quality molded rubber products to American Industry and Military for over 100 years. Custom rubber formulations and broad molding production capabilities position us to deliver cost-effective solutions for long or short runs. We work closely with our customers to understand their challenges and to provide them with customized solutions. We also offer tool design assistance to jump start your production. We have a variety of vertical injection presses, horizontal injection presses and an extensive assortment of presses that may be utilized for compression and transfer molding. State-of-the-art cryogenic deflashing is used whenever possible to eliminate hand trimming and produce clean parts at tremendous cost savings.

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WARCO BILTRITE specializes in custom extrusions, from one-time special orders to high volume runs. Our extruders can produce custom rubber profiles in a wide variety of sizes and shapes including cable jacketing, O-ring cord, tubing, rubber seals, squares and rectangles. Our experienced sales team can provide product selection and design support, whether you require standard extruded rubber gaskets or custom extruded rubber profiles. With our in-house formulation and mixing capabilities coupled with die design and fabrication on state-of-the-art die making equipment, we can design a rubber compound to meet your specific requirements for quality and performance while minimizing cost.

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WARCO BILTRITE offers an extensive line of high quality USA-made rubber matting and mats for an innumerable amount of applications. Our matting solutions promote safety, comfort, cleanliness and helps protect and extend flooring life.

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With over 110 years of excellence, WARCO BILTRITE has become an industry leader in rubber manufacturing.

Unlike many others in our industry, we control every step of the process; from research and development to the packaged finished product. WARCO BILTRITE ’s ability to create custom formulations, test, mix and manufacture countless rubber products which, combined with our highly talented and experienced personnel, allows us to consistently produce quality products to meet your needs in a variety of ways. We offer sheet rubber, molded rubber, extruded rubber, and rubber matting.

West American Rubber Company, is ISO 9001 registered by NSF-ISR. The most current NSF-ISR mark can be found in the footer section of this website.

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It is our mission to provide excellence in quality.

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Our process begins in our Research and Development Lab where our team of chemists and engineers creates a custom formulation that will best fit your needs. Our commitment to research and formulation development has kept us at the leading edge of rubber technological innovation. After the rubber compound recipe is formulated to best suit your application, then it is sent to our in house mixing department.
Every new formula is mixed and thoroughly tested before it is used in manufacturing. Once the rubber compound recipe reaches the mixing department our team begins gathering the needed raw materials and prepares them for mixing. Our team takes the materials and begins to measure out the needed amounts extremely carefully in order to deliver excellence in quality. Once measured, the batch is placed into our Banbury© mixer in which the material is thoroughly mixed and placed in our secondary testing department.
As a part of our commitment to quality, we test every single batch in order to be absolutely certain that it will suit your application. A sample is taken from the batch and sent to our Quality Assurance department where the durometer, specific gravity, rheological measurements and other physical properties that apply to your application. After the stock’s quality is confirmed, the entire batch is sent to a specific manufacturing department such as matting, sheet, extrusion & splice, or molding.
WARCO has a variety of different manufacturing capabilities, each uniquely suited to meet your needs in application, quality, and cost. The approved rubber compound is then sent to one of our manufacturing departments in order to be prepared, shaped, and vulcanized. Our manufactured rubber will now be delivered to our tertiary testing department in order to triple check that the material is perfect.
Once the product is deemed perfect, our packaging and shipping department prepares the rubber for transport. Each of our products are packed with extreme care and precision in order to ensure that your product is delivered to you in pristine condition. These products are given to our partners within the transportation industry and they deliver directly to wherever you desire.

110 Years Of Excellence

A Proud Legacy of Providing High Quality American-Manufactured Rubber.

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All of our products are proudly produced in the United States.
We comply with the Buy American Act requirements.

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Polymers Offered

WARCO BILTRITE offers a multitude of polymers each with a variety of products designed to fulfill your application.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

We can offer you more options that any other competitor due to our ability to produce high quality Sheet, Molded, & Extruded Rubber.

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Specialty Products

WARCO BILTRITE has complied a number of specialty products each designed to be the premier solution to a specific application

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Custom Designed & Formulated

Our capability to create truly custom products, specifically formulated and designed to meet your application, is what sets us apart.

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