WARCO’s Perfected Rubber Polymers

As the industry leader in rubber manufacturing, WARCO is committed to delivering excellence in quality. We offer a multitude of polymers each with a variety of products designed to fulfill your application. We offer a number of industry standard polymers such as Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, and much more. However, we can draft custom formulations to meet any of your application needs, as a result of our Research & Development lab equipped with a team of certified chemists. From industry standard products to custom formulated jobs, WARCO is your one stop shop for all of your needs. See our variety of polymers offered below or feel free to contact us to get started.

Rubber Polymers

The information gathered in these pages outlines the general properties and characteristics of various rubber polymers. Use this information to assist in rubber polymer selection based on specific properties, applications, and environments. The properties and characteristics of manufactured rubber products may vary based on polymer type and formulation.

Data includes Physical, Mechanical and Thermal Properties as well as outlining Environmental and Chemical Resistances, Specification Classifications (including ASTM, SAE, MIL-R, MIL-PRF), and general Resistances & Vulnerabilities.


Outstanding Ozone & Sunlight Resistance • Excellent Adhesion to Fabrics & Metals • Superior Resistance to Alkalis & Acids


Excellent Oil & Gasoline Resistance • Superior Petroleum-Based Hydraulic Fluid Resistance • Very Good Alkalis and Acids Resistance


Excellent Heat, Ozone & Sunlight Resistance • Outstanding Alkali, Acid & Oxygenated Solvent Resistance • Superior Water/Steam Resistance


Excellent Heat Stability (200°C) • Superior Aggressive Fuel and Chemical Resistance • High-Performance Elastomer

Natural Rubber

Superior Dynamic Properties (Resilience, Tensile, Elongation) • Excellent Abrasion Resistance • Excellent Fabric & Metals Adhesion


Good Abrasion Resistance • Excellent Impact Strength • Superior Resilience • High Tensile Strength


Superior Temperature Resistance (-80°F to +450°F) • Water Resistant • Excellent Chemical Resistances (Acids, Oxidizing Chemicals, Ammonia)

CSM (Chlorosulfonated Polyethelene/CSPE/Hypalon)

Resistant to Ozone/Sunlight • Excellent Abrasion Resistance • Good Resistance to Alkalis and Acids


Impermeable to Air • Outstanding Resistance to Gases & Vapors • Excellent Outdoor Resistances (Heat Aging, Ozone, Oxygen, Sunlight) • Excellent Abrasion and Tearing Resistance

Custom Products

WARCO has been the source of a number of different custom formulations (over 4,000) and a variety of unique and diverse products. Many of our customers have used this option when they have a specific need or problem that WARCO can solve for them. Even if you do not know how our rubber can fulfill your application, our team has been trained to assist you and determine how our products can solve your problem. Our history in serving the Aerospace Industry allows us to make professional recommendations based on experience, industry knowledge, and our expertise.

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