WARCO Engineering

Our engineers ensure that your molded parts, extrusions and sheet rubber products are manufactured as designed.

The engineering team at WARCO is skilled at the design of compression, transfer and injection molds, extrusion dies, splicing molds and specialized fixtures for cutting and trimming.

We take pride in continually making innovations in our processes, equipment and materials to bring a product of high value to our customers at a globally competitive price. We can work with you to develop and manufacture a product that will meet your specific needs and applications. WARCO’s engineers, chemists, and manufacturing experts will be there from the initial design consultation through material formulation, prototyping and testing to full production runs.

We’ll save you time and money with the right machine for your job, one selected to maximize productivity and minimize waste.

WARCO’s Technical Resources

General Chemical Resistance Guide

A thorough guide to chemical resistance of polymers. Listed by chemical from Acetaldhyde to Zinc Sulfate. Also includes Specification Fluids.

Rubber Polymers

Get information about the polymers available at WARCO including Physical Properties, Mechanical Properties, Environmental resistance, chemical resistance, and more.


A collection of articles pertaining to rubber, rubber manufacturing, the rubber industry and more.

Research & Testing

An overview of our commitment to research and formulation development.

Rubber Terminology Dictionary

A list of commonly used Rubber Terminology and definitions.

Rubber Specifications

See a comprehensive list of frequently used rubber specifications.

M6855 Specifications

See a comprehensive list of tables which outline MIL-PRF-6855 rubber specifications.