WARCO BILTRITE ‘s Perfected Products

WARCO BILTRITE is a leading diversified, vertically integrated rubber manufacturer of organic and inorganic elastomer products. With a legacy of over 110 years we are able to become experts within sheet rubber, rubber molding, rubber extrusion & splice, and matting. Our excellence in quality begins with our list of premier polymers. Select a polymer below to see which will best suit your needs. Our Cage Code is 06470.


WARCO BILTRITE offers a number of different polymers, each with a unique set of physical properties that can be altered to meet your application. Click on a polymer below to learn more.

Outstanding Ozone & Sunlight Resistance Excellent Adhesion to Fabrics & MetalsSuperior Resistance to Alkalis & Acids

Excellent Oil & Gasoline Resistance
• Superior Petroleum-Based Hydraulic Fluid Resistance • Very Good Alkalis and Acids Resistance

Excellent Heat, Ozone & Sunlight Resistance • Outstanding Alkali, Acid & Oxygenated Solvent Resistance • Superior Water/Steam Resistance

FKM (Viton™)
Excellent Heat Stability (200°C) • Superior Aggressive Fuel and Chemical Resistance • High-Performance Elastomer

Natural Rubber
Superior Dynamic Properties (Resilience, Tensile, Elongation) • Excellent Abrasion Resistance • Excellent Fabric & Metals Adhesion

Good Abrasion Resistance • Excellent Impact Strength • Superior Resilience • High Tensile Strength

Superior Temperature Resistance (-80°F to +450°F) • Fungus Resistant Material • Water Resistant • Excellent Chemical Resistances (Acids, Oxidizing Chemicals, Ammonia)

Specialty Products

WARCO BILTRITE offers a number of different specialty products, each designed to fulfil a specific application to the fullest extent. Click on a specialty product below to learn more about it.

AASHTO Bearing Pads
Industries Served: Construction

Rubber Utility Tarp Straps
Industries Served: Mass Transit & Transportation

Mats & Matting Products
Industries Served: Automotive, Mass Transit & Transportation

Cloth–Inserted (CI) Sheet Rubber
Industries Served: Automotive, Construction

Thermoplastic Elastomer
Industries Served: Automotive

Chute Lining & Skirtboard
Industries Served: Mining

Industries Served: Construction, Medical, Automotive

Rubber Dock Bumpers
Industries Served: Construction

Bio-Diesel Nitrile
Industries Served: Oil & Gas, Mass Transit & Transportation

Transformer Oil Nitrile
Industries Served: Electrical

Rubber Waterstop
Industries Served: Construction

Cal-Trans Strip Rubber Waterstop
Industries Served: Construction

Low Smoke, Low Flame, Lox Toxicity Neoprene
Industries Served: Automotive, Mass Transit & Transportation

Custom Products

WARCO BILTRITE has been the source of a number of different custom formulations (over 4,000) and a variety of unique and diverse products. Many of our customers have used this option when they have a specific need or problem that WARCO BILTRITE can solve for them. Even if you do not know how our rubber can fulfil your application, our team has been trained to assist you and determine how our products can solve your problem. To get started you can fill out the form below or contact a sales representative.