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As a vertically integrated rubber manufacturer (uniquely providing custom formulation, in house mixing, sheet rubber, molded rubber, and extruded rubber), WARCO has been asked to supply quality products for a large number of unique industries. Over 110 years, we have maintained a growing library of over 4,000 formulations, each specially designed for highly specific applications. Our unparalleled experience and extensive capabilities may be a critical part of your next application.

Learn about the variety of industries that WARCO services.

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Industry Specific Products

Although we specialize in “made to order” products designed for each customer’s specific needs and application, we have also formulated a number of industry specific products to address common applications. See the few of the products that we have provided:

See the full list by visiting Specialty Products.

AASHTO Bearing Pads

Industry Served: Construction

Rubber Utility Tarp Straps

Industries Served: Mass Transit & Transportation, Construction

Rebounds: Engineered Rubber Bumpers

Industry Served: Construction

Bio-Diesel Nitrile

Industries Served: Oil & Gas, Mass Transit & Transportation

Transformer Oil Nitrile

Industry Served: Electrical

Rubber Waterstop

Industry Served: Construction

Caltrans Strip Rubber Waterstop

Industry Served: Construction

Low Smoke, Low Flame, Low Toxicity Neoprene

Industries Served: Automotive, Mass Transit & Transportation

Industry Specific Requirements

We understand the variety and strict detail that each industry demands of its suppliers; and therefore, our products and development lab are trained to create rubber formulations and products that meet and even exceed various industry standards. Below is a list of organizational/industry specific standards that our products conform to.

To see the full list of specifications, visit Specifications.