Specialty Rubber Products

WARCO offers a number of different specialty rubber products, each designed to fulfil a specific application to the fullest extent. Our capabilities start with an engineering team with decades of experience in assisting customers with the understanding of high performance construction product concepts and custom mold and extrusion die manufacturing. We formulate and mix our own compounds, maintain rigid quality control throughout the manufacturing process and thoroughly test finished products to ensure performance. Click on a specialty product below to learn more about it.

Please Select Your Specialty Product Below:

PURE™ – NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certified Rubber

Industries Served: Potable Water, Water Treatment

AASHTO Bearing Pads

Industries Served: Construction

Rubber Utility Tarp Straps

Industries Served: Mass Transit & Transportation

Cloth-Inserted (CI) Sheet Rubber

Industries Served: Automotive, Construction

Thermoplastic Elastomer

Industries Served: Automotive

Chute Lining

Industries Served: Mining


Industries Served: Construction, Medical, Automotive

Rebounds: Engineered Rubber Bumpers

Industries Served: Construction

Bio-Diesel Nitrile

Industries Served: Oil & Gas, Mass Transit & Transportation

Transformer Oil Nitrile

Industries Served: Electrical

Rubber Waterstop

Industries Served: Construction

Caltrans Strip Rubber Waterstop

Industries Served: Construction

Low Smoke, Low Flame, Low Toxicity Neoprene

Industries Served: Automotive, Mass Transit & Transportation

Expansion Joints & Pavement Seals

Industries Served: Parking Structures, Buildings, Bridges

  • Actual shelf life could vary dramatically based on storage conditions
  • Store in a cool, dry place with temperature below 75°F
  • Keep away from direct heat or open flames
  • Avoid contact with solvents or other fluids
  • Do not store in direct sunlight
  • Keep products wrapped or sealed to minimize the absorption of moisture
  • Store in a relaxed condition free from tension, compression or other deformation

See Rubber Storage Conditions for more information about how to properly store your rubber products

Our rubber products are a proprietary blend of various polymers formulated to meet stated physicals and specifications. The named product polymer is not necessarily the primary polymer representing the highest percentage of the polymer blend. Determination of the suitability of the goods for the uses and applications contemplated by Buyer and others shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer or user. No guaranty is given with respect to length of service on any particular application. Suggestions or recommendations made by Seller in its product literature concerning uses or applications of the goods are believed to be reliable, but Seller makes no warranty or guaranty of results to be obtained since the conditions of the use and application by Buyer and others are beyond Seller’s control.

View complete Terms & Conditions of Sale for suitability of use and formulations