Our Dedication to Construction

WARCO has a long and extensive history in serving the construction industry with a number of standard and custom designed products. We offer both industry standard products such as Chute Lining as well as our own specialty products such as AASHTO Bearing Pads, Waterstop, Corner Guards, Bumpers, Pavement Seals, Expansion Joints, Squeegee, Flame Retardant TPE, Cloth-Inserted, Spliced Window gaskets, Window blocks, Rubber Threshold, and Cable Jacket. However, we are not limited to these products as we offer a variety of different formulations and materials. We also offer rubber that meets a variety of different specifications such as AASHTO.

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Construction Rubber Products

We have created a number of industry-specific products suited for Construction. Select a product below that will best suit your application.

AASHTO Bearing Pads

(Specialty Product)

Cal-Trans Strip Waterstop

(Specialty Product)

Rubber Waterstop

(Specialty Product)

Expansion Joints & Pavement Seals

(Specialty Product)

AASHTO Unsupported Calendered Neoprene Bearing Pads


AASHTO Unsupported Molded Neoprene Bearing Pads


Custom Products for Construction

WARCO has been the source of a number of different custom formulations (over 4,000) and a variety of unique and diverse products. Many of our customers have used this option when they have a specific need or problem that WARCO can solve for them. Even if you do not know how our rubber can fulfill your application, our team has been trained to assist you and determine how our products can solve your problem. Our history in serving the Construction Industry allows us to make professional recommendations based on experience, industry knowledge, and our expertise.

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