Product Description

Caltrans Strip Waterstops

The Caltrans Strip Waterstops is the perfect rubber component in applications that require the containment of water. The WARCO BILTRITE waterstop will adapt to fill any space under a wide range of temperatures, it will expand as your materials shrink or compress as your materials expand. It has been commonly used for water gates, stationary walls, and expansion joint applications. Color: Black

We also offer the Caltrans Bearing Pad. Made in the USA.

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Key Aspects

Temperature Range: -40°F to +200°F
Durometer (Shore A ± 5): 55
Tensile (psi.): 2700
Elongation (%): 420
Finishes Available: Smooth, Nylon
Talc: Talc-Free Available
Specification: Caltrans 51-2.04 Waterstops

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Advanced Technical Details

(Shore A ± 5)
Estimated Weight
Per Linear Foot
(1/8" x 36")
1/8 - 1/2 36, 48 2700 420 -40°F to +220°F 2.56 lb Caltrans 51–2.04 Waterstops

This product complies with the following requirements:

Property Test Method Requirement
Tensile Strength ASTM D 412 2,000 psi min.
Ultimate Elongation ASTM D 412 300% min.
Compression Set,
22 hours at 70° C
ASTM D 395, Method B 30% max.
Tear Strength ASTM D 624, Die C 26 kN/m min.
Type A
ASTM D 2240 55 ± 5
Ozone Resistance 20% Strain,
100 hours at 100 ± 2.2° F
ASTM D 1149
except 100 ± 20 parts per 100,000,000
No cracks
Brittleness Temperature
at -40° C
ASTM D 746, Procedure B Pass
Flame Propagation ASTM C 542 Must not propagate flame
Change in Volume,
IRM 903, immersed 70 hours at 100° C
ASTM D 471 80% max.
Change in Mass,
immersed 7 days at 70° C
ASTM D 471 15% max.

After accelerated aging under ASTM D 573 for 70 hours at 100° C, the properties do not change greater than the following:

Property Requirement
Tensile Strength -15%
Elongation at Break -40%
Hardness +10 points

Compound Number: 055E0507

Customize This Product To Meet Your Application

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