Breaking Down The Compound Number

WARCO’s compound numbers identify our products’ formulation, e.g. recipe; including identifying its durometer and its primary polymer.

Rubber DNA: What is a Compound?

It begins with chemistry. Each product is formulated by our Chemist and on-site laboratory to cost effectively achieve the physical characteristics required in the application while providing for crucial processing properties most suitable for the planned method of production – whether it be calender Sheet, continuous microwave or conventional Extrusion, or injection or compression Molding. Following extensive research, development, and thorough testing, a rubber formulation (or recipe) is established as a defined compound, given an identifiable Compound Number and released to production for mixing and processing.

WARCO’s Compound Number system quickly identifies key information and organizes thousands of our proprietary compounds. Being a fully vertically integrated manufacturer provides WARCO the utmost level of control from raw material inputs, compounding rubber formulations, and processing methods and equipment deployed to yield first quality finished products.

Unlike many other rubber manufacturers who rely on outside compounding and mixing, WARCO can design, mix, and process rubber products in a single facility. This makes WARCO the ideal choice for your custom rubber products, having developed over 4,400 unique rubber compounds over 113+ years providing countless bespoke rubber parts to our customers.

If you are looking to design a product for a specific application, we can help.

Small Ingredients of a Rubber Batch Separated By Paper Bags