Product Description

Rubber Utility Tarp Straps

Single piece molded construction ensures exceptional strength and stretch resiliency. The special EPDM compound used in the construction of WARCO Rubber Utility Tarp Straps is suited for high oxidation and weather resistance without cracking. An assortment of lengths from 6” to 31” are available. S-Hooks are included with all WARCO utility straps. Straps delivered unassembled. Contact us to see how Rubber Utility Tarp Straps are a great fit for your applications.


Always wear safety glasses during tie down and disconnect. Failure to do so may result in serious injury. Inspect strap and hooks before each use – do not use if damaged. Do not use as a primary tie down device for load. Max safe stretch = 150% Strap Length

Rubber Utility Tarp Strap Variety Pack

Variety Pack Includes:
Length: Quantity:
6" 10 ea
10" 10 ea
15" 10 ea
21" 10 ea
31" 10 ea
Black Rubber Construction Tarp Straps Molded Parts With Metal S-Shaped Hooks

Product Details

Per Box
Estimated Weight
Per Box
(With S-Hooks)
15" 50 12.5 lbs
21" 50 14.5 lbs
31" 50 18.5 lbs