Product Description

Nitrile MIL-R-3065 SB

A military grade nitrile product that has been designed to meet the nitrile MIL-R-3065 SB Specification. Made in the USA.

Samples available upon request.

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Key Aspects

Temperature Range: -40°F to +220°F
Durometer Range (Shore A ± 5): 40 to 80
Tensile Range (min. psi): 1000 to 1600
Elongation Range (min. %): 150 to 450
Finishes Available: Smooth
Talc: Talc-Free Available
Specification: MIL-R-3065 SB

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Advanced Technical Details

Specification Durometer
(Shore A ± 5)
Tensile (psi) Ultimate
Elongation (%)
Estimated Weight
Per Linear Foot
(1/8" x 36")
Minimum Minimum
MIL-R-3065 SB
410 F2
40 1/64 - 1/4 36, 48 1000 450 -60°F to +220°F 2.22 lb
MIL-R-3065 SB
515 F2
50 1/64 - 1/4 36, 48 1500 400 -60°F to +220°F 2.22 lb
MIL-R-3065 SB
615 F2
60 1/64 - 1/4 36, 48 1500 300 -60°F to +220°F 2.28 lb
MIL-R-3065 SB
715 F2
70 1/64 - 1/4 36, 48 1500 250 -60°F to +220°F 2.35 lb
MIL-R-3065 SB
815 F2
80 1/64 - 1/4 36, 48 1600 150 -40°F to +220°F 2.45 lb

Compound Numbers: 040P0477, 050P0468, 060P0461, 070P0444, 080P0475

Our rubber products are a proprietary blend of various polymers formulated to meet stated physicals and specifications. The named product polymer is not necessarily the primary polymer representing the highest percentage of the polymer blend. Determination of the suitability of the goods for the uses and applications contemplated by Buyer and others shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer or user. No guaranty is given with respect to length of service on any particular application. Suggestions or recommendations made by Seller in its product literature concerning uses or applications of the goods are believed to be reliable, but Seller makes no warranty or guaranty of results to be obtained since the conditions of the use and application by Buyer and others are beyond Seller’s control. The specification listed here, MIL, represents the United States Military Departments and the Defense Agencies’ standardization documents that have been developed and used for products, materials, and processes that have multiple applications to promote commonality and interoperability and to limit the variety of items in the military supply system. Their website can be found here:

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Other Military Specification Grade Sheet Rubber Products

Nitrile MIL-G-1149

  • Polymer: Nitrile
  • Durometer: 50
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +200°F
  • Specs: MIL-G-1149 Type 1 Class 5

MIL-R-6855 Class 1

  • Polymer: Nitrile
  • Durometer: 40 to 80
  • Temperature Range: -50°F to +220°F
  • Spec: MIL-R-6855 Class 1

MIL-R-6855 Class 2

  • Polymer: Neoprene
  • Durometer: 30 to 80
  • Temperature Range: -50°F to +220°F
  • Specs: MIL-R-6855 Class 2

MIL-R-3065 SB

  • Polymer: Neoprene
  • Durometer: 30 to 80
  • Temperature Range: -60°F to +220°F
  • Specs: MIL-R-3065 SC