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Welcome to WARCO, your premier manufacturer for quality rubber gasket & sealing materials. We have serviced the American rubber gasket industry for over 110 years with an extensive range of made to order & standard rubber gasket materials. Offering three distinct forms of rubber materials – sheet rubber, molded rubber, and extruded & spliced rubber.

Our extensive R&D compounding lab, vast library of over 6,000 formulations and in-house mixing set us apart, empowering you to design and manufacture a rubber gasket material which exhibits the key properties which your application requires.

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Beige Rubber Molded Gaskets With Stenciled Words "Made in the USA" "WARCO" "Neoprene" "ASTM"
Slightly Unrolled Black Rubber Sheet Roll

Sheet Rubber Gasket & Sealing Material

Calendered rubber rolls, designed for your application, ideal for any die cutting operation.

Extruded & Spliced Gaskets & Seals

Rubber extruded strips, endless lengths & custom profiles, an excellent fit for sealing applications.

Multiple Types of Molded Gasket in Black, Orange, Blue and White

Molded Gaskets & Seals

Custom molded parts of nearly any shape & size, well suited for critical instances.


With over 110 years of excellence, WARCO has become an industry-leading rubber elastomer manufacturer in sheet, molds, and extrusions. Unlike many others in our industry, we control every step of the process; from research and development to the packaged finished product. Our unique mix of process control & experience makes us the ideal manufacturer when custom physicals, specific chemical resistances or bespoke shapes are required.

WARCO’s ability to create custom formulations, test, mix and manufacture countless rubber products which, combined with our highly talented and experienced personnel, allows us to consistently produce quality products to meet your needs in a variety of ways.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Operating Since 1910

American Made

Full Vertical Integration

In House Mixing

Specialty Materials

(FKM, Silicone & More)

Full Service R&D Lab

Industry Specific Materials (Food Grade, Oil Resistance & More)

Onsite Testing Facility

WARCO Sample Rubber Gasket Material Products

When starting your process of selecting the ideal gasket material for your application, we recommend starting with exploring our various standard offerings and modifying to meet your needs. Below is a few standard rubber materials used in gasket & sealing applications. See our full range of catalog offerings.

Viton A Sheet

(FKM Viton)

MIL-PRF-6855 Class 2


WARCO White FDA Nitrile


INFINISIL Spec Grade Performance Silicone


Gasket Material Selection

Our certified technical and customer service team is well equipped to guide you through the gasket material selection process. We’ve found that our customers start this process with one of the three methods listed below. Reach out today to speak with our experienced rubber experts.

8 Sheet Rubber Thickness Testing Guages With A Stabilizing Wheel At A Quality Control Station

By Specification

From standard ASTM or MIL specifications to industry specific FDA or CALTRANS requirements, we will be able to aid in your selection process.

Rubber Polymers OF Yellow, Brown, and Black Stacked On Each Other

By Polymer

Each polymer offers a unique set of properties with varying costs, our specialists will be able to offer the polymer that you should start with.

Oil Extraction Machine in a Desert with A Yellow Sky

By Application

We’ve seen a wide array of applications, with many different requirements, our technical team will be able to provide a recommendation for your needs.

Gasket Material Design By Specification

Our extensive library of formulations provides a comprehensive list of specifications met with our rubber parts, spanning multiple industries and unique applications. Additionally, our team is well equipped to design a material that will meet your specification. See the an expanded list of specifications.

Yellow Mining Machinery Cutting Into the Ground


Armed Military Solider in Grayscale with a Desert Background


Black Military Plane in Flight Over Mountains


Resturant Table Set With Plates, Silverware, and Dining Glasses


EPDM Rubber Extrusions Operating Within Machinery


Gasket Material Design By Polymer

As each polymer has a unique set of characteristics, correct determination of the polymer which best suits your application is critical. View the 9 different options below and contact our team for aid in selecting the ideal material for your requirements.


Outstanding Ozone & Sunlight Resistance • Excellent Adhesion to Fabrics & Metals • Superior Resistance to Alkalis & Acids


Excellent Oil & Gasoline Resistance • Superior Petroleum-Based Hydraulic Fluid Resistance • Very Good Alkalis and Acids Resistance


Excellent Heat, Ozone & Sunlight Resistance • Outstanding Alkali, Acid & Oxygenated Solvent Resistance • Superior Water/Steam Resistance

Fluorozone FKM & Viton

Excellent Heat Stability (200°C) • Superior Aggressive Fuel and Chemical Resistance • High-Performance Elastomer


Superior Temperature Resistance (-80°F to +450°F) • Water Resistant • Excellent Chemical Resistances (Acids, Oxidizing Chemicals, Ammonia)


Good Abrasion Resistance • Excellent Impact Strength • Superior Resilience • High Tensile Strength

Natural Rubber

Superior Dynamic Properties (Resilience, Tensile, Elongation) • Excellent Abrasion Resistance • Excellent Fabric & Metals Adhesion

CSM (Chlorosulfonated Polyethelene/CSPE/Hypalon)

Resistant to Ozone/Sunlight • Excellent Abrasion Resistance • Good Resistance to Alkalis and Acids


Impermeable to Air • Outstanding Resistance to Gases & Vapors • Excellent Outdoor Resistances (Heat Aging, Ozone, Oxygen, Sunlight) • Excellent Abrasion and Tearing Resistance


Excellent Oil & fuel Resistance • Good Low-Temperature Flexibility Flame Retardant Properties • Good Electrical Insulation


Strong Wear Performance • Superior Chemical Resistance • Weather & UV Resistant • High-Temperature Resistance


Low Gas Permeability • High Tensile Strength • Excellent Heat Resistance • Excellent Weather Resistance

Gasket Material Design By Application

We understand that each application has a different set of requirements across a variety of dimensions that your rubber gasket material must exhibit. Given your application, our team is well suited to design a material that exhibits the right physical properties, key chemical resistances, and retains the needed shape.

We have already serviced a multiple of industries and are well acquainted with the requirements of each. Select a few of our industries served below to learn more.

Speak with our team to start designing the correct material for your application.

Oil and Gas Factory Shadowed Over a Red and Orange Sunset
Electrical Power Tower Behind a Star Filled Sky
Black Construction Icon of Crossed Hammer and Wrench


Black Military Icon of a Shield


Black Electric Icon of a Lightning Bolt


Black Aerospace Icon of a Mass Transit Plane


Food Service Icon of A Person Holding a Tray of Drinks

Food Service

Black Oil and Gas Icon of a Oil Drop and Fire

Oil & Gas

Black Medical Icon of a Safety Kit


Black Mining Icon of a Pickaxe Striking Stone


Black Automotive Icon of a Car


Black Potable Water Icon of a Faucet Driping Into a Cup

Potable Water

Black Mass Transit Icon With A Train and Tracks

Mass Transit & Transportation

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