USDA No Longer Approves Rubber Products

By Shi Hwang

Our customers often ask whether WARCO FDA compounds have been approved by the USDA. Recently, WARCO contacted USDA to receive an official answer. The answer from USDA is as follows:

USDA no longer approves rubber compounds or products for meats or poultry contact applications. Currently USDA does not have regulatory requirements for rubber products to be used for food contact applications, which means the rubber products in compliance with FDA can be used for meats and poultry without any further approval.

Until 1997, USDA used to approve the rubber products intended for use in meats and poultry establishments; that’s why the question is still around in the rubber industries.

Equipment used in meats and poultry establishments must meet the requirements of 9 CFR 416.3, Equipment and Utensils Performance Standard. This performance standard specifies that equipment and utensils should be thoroughly cleaned, and not adulterate the food products. The rubber compounds, in compliance with FDA requirements for food contact applications, will not adulterate food products.

WARCO Products with FDA Approved Ingredients

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