WARCO Achieves 3-A® Sanitary Approval for Food & Dairy

By Shi Hwang

When rubber articles are mentioned as being 3-A® Dairy compliant, they are referencing the 3-A® Sanitary Standard for Multiple-Use Rubber and Rubber-Like Materials Used as Product Contact Surfaces in Dairy Equipment, Number 18-03. This particular standard covers materials that will be used as contact surfaces in production, processing, or handling of milk or milk products. It also tests certain conditions relevant to the servicing, cleaning or sterilization of the parts.

The requirements set forth in 3-A® Sanitary Standards 18-03 Class III and Class IV. The particular requirements are listed in sections C2.2.1, C2.2.2, C2.2.3, C3.1, D4.7, D4.8, and D4.9. These tests include resistance to milk fat absorption, distilled water absorption, hot air aging stability, original tensile and elongation, resistance to phosphoric acid solution, resistance to alkaline cleaner test solution and resistance to chlorine sanitizer test solution.

Grary Rubber Extrusions with Custom Profiles Rolled for Shipment

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