Product Description

FDA Approved Grade TPE (Black)

TPEs (thermoplastic elastomers) have the properties and performance of rubber, but are processed like plastic. It has excellent clarity and superior colorability.

FDA Approved Grade TPE (Black) also has very good heat resistance. It was designed for applications where FDA compliance, clarity and enhanced heat resistance are required. Safe to use for repeated food exposure. Made in the USA.

Color: Black

Samples available upon request.

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Key Aspects

Temperature Range:-50°F to +275°F
Durometer Range (Shore ± 5):55 to 73
Tensile Range:640 psi to 1200 psi
Elongation Range:330% to 460%
Specification:FDA Approved Ingredients
per 21 CFR 177.2600
Compound Number(s)Part Number(s)

We comply with the Buy American Act requirements.

Advanced Technical Details

Shore ± 5
Estimated Weight
Per Linear Foot
(1/8″ x 36″)
A0.02 – 0.2524640 psi330%-50°F to +275°F1.27 lbFDA Approved Ingredients
per 21 CFR 177.2600
A0.02 – 0.25241000 psi440%-50°F to +275°F1.27 lb
A0.02 – 0.25241200 psi460%-50°F to +275°F1.27 lb

*Physicals are presented in typical values – we certify to the minimum value

Compound Numbers: 171M0055(171M55), 171M0064(171M64), 171M0073(171M73)

Unsure on how to read our compound number? Read the page, “How to Read a Compound Number”.

General Information for WARCO Sheet Rubber

Rubber Roll Width

WARCO Sheet rubber rolls are available in 36” or 48” width. Custom widths available up to 55″. Rolls are untrimmed and can measure approximately 3” in additional width. Trimmed rolled rubber is available upon request.

Custom widths are available, please call (714-532-3355) for details.

Standard Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity for a standard WARCO Sheet rubber is one roll. For custom applications, please call (714-532-3355) for more information.

Rubber Roll Lengths

Standard Roll approximate length ±10%. Products may vary, please see product listing for standard roll lengths.

Sheet Roll Lengths:

  • 1/64″ thick – 180 feet
  • 1/32” thick – 150 feet
  • 1/16” thick – 100 feet
  • 3/32” thick – 65 feet
  • 1/8” thick – 50 feet
  • 3/16” thick – 30 feet
  • 1/4” thick – 25 feet
  • 5/16” thick – 20 feet
  • 3/8” thick – 16.5 feet
  • 1/2” thick – 12.5 feet

Sheet Rubber Thickness Tolerances

Closer tolerances and Custom thicknesses are available and can be priced on request.

WARCO Thickness Tolerance – Standard RMA

  • 0.031” & thinner: ± 0.010″
  • 0.032″ to 0.061″: ± 0.012″
  • 0.062″ to 0.124″: ± 0.016″
  • 0.125″ to 0.186″: ± 0.020″
  • 0.187″ to 0.374″: ± 0.031″
  • 0.375″ to 0.500″: ± 0.047″
  • 0.501″ to 0.750″: ± 0.094″
  • 0.751″ & thicker: ± 10%

Sheet Rubber Finish

Unless otherwise noted, sheet rubber has a standard smooth finish. Textured (fabric) finish and matte finish are available on most materials at an additional cost. Please call for details.

Sheet Rubber Color

The standard color of our sheet rubber is black, unless noted otherwise. Custom colors and color matching is available.

Test Reports

Short form test results, basic physicals, are available upon request at the time of the order. Full test reports for particular specifications will be also quoted on request. This may include certifying the ozone resistance, heat ageing, compliances, and many more aspects of our product. Certifications are sent with your order upon request at no charge.

More information about the WARCO products is available at General Product Information.

Our rubber products are a proprietary blend of various polymers formulated to meet stated physicals and specifications. The named product polymer is not necessarily the primary polymer representing the highest percentage of the polymer blend. Determination of the suitability of the goods for the uses and applications contemplated by Buyer and others shall be the sole responsibility of the Buyer or user. No guaranty is given with respect to length of service on any particular application. Suggestions or recommendations made by Seller in its product literature concerning uses or applications of the goods are believed to be reliable, but Seller makes no warranty or guaranty of results to be obtained since the conditions of the use and application by Buyer and others are beyond Seller’s control. This specification, FDA Approved Ingredients per 21 CFR, refers to the inventory of substances authorized in Title 21 of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR) for uses in contact with foods as illustrated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is responsible for protecting public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and more. This specification website can be found here:

View complete Terms & Conditions of Sale for suitability of use and formulations

Other TPE Sheet Rubber Products

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  • Temperature Range: -50°F to +275°F
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General Purpose Grade TPE (Neutral)

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  • Temperature Range: -50°F to +275°F
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