Product Description

FingerTrac Rubber Door Mats

WARCO BILTRITE provides high quality super heavy duty FingerTrac Rubber Door Mats made in the USA. Designed to maintain cleanliness and to help protect and extend flooring life, FingerTrac mats are perfectly suited for outdoor or indoor entrances. Specifically designed to clean and scrape shoe soles of any dirt, sand, grit, mud and snow – eliminating ugly tracking problems in office buildings, retail establishments and homes, resulting in reduced costs on floor and carpet maintenance issues.

Color: Black

  • All weather high performance mat made in USA
  • Super Heavy Duty
  • Contains 30% more fingers and is 25% heavier on average than the imports
  • Designed with thousands of tapered rubber fingers that scrape shoe soles clean
  • Full 3/16″ fingerbed thickness provides more flexing and longer wear
  • Longitudinal skid-resistant ribs on the reverse side allow for proper drainage and help prevent mat movement
  • Beveled edges on all four sides enhance safety while trapping dirt and other elements
  • Easy to clean

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Close Up of Teeth of FingerTrac Rubber Mat

Key Aspects

Thickness: 5/8”
Color: Black
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

We comply with the Buy American Act requirements.

Advanced Technical Details

Size Dimensions
Thickness Color Approximate
Weight Per Mat
Small 24 x 32 5/8" Black 11 lbs
Medium 32 x 39 5/8" Black 19 lbs
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