In Memory of Darlene Hall

Portrait of Darlene Hall

In Memoriam

It is with deep regret that we announce the passing of Darlene Hall. She passed away peacefully with her family at her side on December 8th. Darlene was a valued employee of West American Rubber Company and had been a part of the WARCO family for forty–eight years.

Over that period she held various positions within the Company. She began her career on July 10, 1964 as a Finishing Operator and in 1975 she became Production Control Clerk. In 1977 she transferred to Sales Follow up; in 1978 she became the Sales Secretary then Sales Clerk in 1980. In 1982 she was elevated to Lead Sales Clerk and in 1987 she transferred to her most recent position in the Accounting Department as Billing Clerk.

Her exemplary performance and dependability were outstanding. Darlene was a loyal and dedicated employee. She will be dearly missed.

Guest Book

From Steve Hemstreet, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “Darlene was a Darling. I met her almost 42 years ago and from the beginning she stood out as a loyal, caring and valuable part of the WARCO family. I, along with those who have known her for a long time, or a short time, will miss her. Her service, in years, totaled 48; a remarkable accomplishment and encouraging to all.” – Steve

From Ken Hemstreet, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “The word ‘STEADY’ comes to mind when I think of our long time friend and employee Darlene.” – Ken

From Kelvin Baker, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “Darlene’s desk was next to mine all the years I’ve been at WARCO. I think of three words to describe her: trustworthy, dependable, and loyal. You could always trust that she was ready to work and could depend on her to do whatever was asked of her. I will miss her.” – Kelvin

From Indra Purnawan, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “It has been a privilege to know and work with Darlene for many years. It was easy working with a friend like her; her discipline, hard work, loyalty and friendliness will be remember…” – Indra

From Tim Hemstreet, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “What always impressed me most about Darlene was her sense of humor. She loved to laugh and I always enjoyed hearing her laugh echoing down the halls. She will be missed.” – Tim

From Alis Mendez, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “I’m so sorry to hear about the lost of Darlene, she was an amazing woman. She will be missed dearly.” – Alis

From Mike Escobedo, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “Darlene was as dedicated and loyal as they come. Whenever the discussion came up of who had been working at WARCO the longest, Darlene topped that list. But you wouldn’t realize if you watched her work. She had as much energy and spunk as someone who was fresh on the job. I loved chatting and laughing with her. She had a great sense of humor. I’m going to miss her.” – Mike

From Irene McCartney-Milton, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “My Dear friend Darlene,
  • There are so many things that I miss about you and I do So much. Remembering how our days went:
  • You called me at regular intervals during the day asking “Any Moolah?”
  • Spending most of your lunch hour with me, discussing and solving the world’s problems.
  • Laughing about the questions and answers on Family Feud.
  • Your love for all things Harley Davidson and riding places on the back of “Choppers”.
  • Making me laugh about you WILD younger years. Sometimes the things that came out of your mouth would make me laugh until I cried.
  • We talked about our mutual love for our Mothers and our “Only” sons.
  • It is now so very quiet in here that you’re absence almost has a voice of its own. So now about 12;30 each day I say out loud, ‘Dar, I miss you so much’ – Irene

From Mark Johnson, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “I miss her. I was profoundly struck by her manner; she was unwavering in her loyalty to our company and unwavering in the execution of her responsibilities.” – Mark

From Connie Mancilla, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “May God bless and keep you and your family in his care now and forever. You are in my Prayers.” – Connie

From Flor Howell, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “Darlene was a wonderful person, I feel blessed to have known her. I will miss hearing her stories during our lunch hour she always put a smile on anyone who walked into the lunchroom. Her smile and laughter will be missed.” – Flor

From Bryan Quintero, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “I always enjoyed chatting with Darlene whenever I got the chance. She always had a smile on her face whenever I saw her. She was a very genuine person and she will be missed.” – Bryan

From Mike Fox, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “Darlene always had a wonderful and caring demeanor and was always willing to help. Her hard work, dedication and friendship are sincerely appreciated. I will miss her.” – Mike

From David & Dorothy David, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “Darlene was loved by all – her warm friendly manner was a gift. Her long years of service and dedication to the Company will ever be remembered.” – David & Dorothy

From Renan Mendez, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “Late 1972, Darlene/Renan encounter questioning my name? I said Si senora I’m Renan, she replied No, your brother is Renan. I call F. Bermudez and Frank said, Renan what do you need. Just a few weeks ago (feels like yesterday) you call me from the parking lot and ask me to verify the alarm. Will always remember you.” – Renan

From Catherine Thomas, West American Rubber Company – Orange, CA

  • “Darlene was a great friend and co-worker, she will be missed.” – Cathy

From Mary Aiken, West American Rubber Company (retired) – Fountain Valley, CA

  • “My deepest sympathy to Randy and family. God bless.” – Mary

From Frank Ramos, former West American Rubber Company employee – Corona, CA

  • “I worked with Darlene for approximately 19 years. I have fond memories of her; she always had a smile on her face. My deepest sympathy to her family.” – Frank