Carol Chase Retires Following 25 Years of Service

Portrait of Carol

Her Story

Carol Chase retires after 25 years of dedicated service to WARCO. Her last day was July 31, 2012 as we gathered to wish her farewell.

Carol joined the WARCO family on May 14, 1987. Her first position was in the sales department as a Sales Clerk then in 2000 as a Customer Service Representative and finally in 2009 as our Credit Assistant. Carol also helped out at the reception desk; she is always a team player and would help wherever she was needed. Irene at the reception desk remembers Carol sharing her love of books with her. Carol loves to read and would often bring her books in the office to share with others.

Her former Supervisor Oliver Hinkley, Executive Vice President of Sales, spoke very highly of her: “Carol is a hard worker. She is punctual, always ready to help out and do extra work. Customers always liked Carol because she was responsive to them. You can always count on her,” said Oliver.

Many in the office commented that Carol is an easy going person, a giver and very much enjoys life. Carol is also a big cat lover.

Besides being a model employee, Carol is a great baker. Her specialty is sweets. She baked 4th of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving cupcakes, brownies, and many other goodies, we will all miss these yummy treats.

Though the WARCO Family is sorry to be losing such a tremendous asset to our team, we are all very excited for Carol as she embarks on her journey to retirement. We wish her all the best.

Guest Book

Congratulations and Thank You

Please join the WARCO Family in congratulating Carol on her retirement as we thank him for her many years of dedicated service to WARCO.

From Ken Hemstreet, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “I’ll miss seeing Carol in the office, she would always say hello with a genuine smile which always made me feel good! I’m sure everyone else felt the same.” – Ken

From Mark Johnson, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “Carol, you’re still going to buy the dish washing soap… right?” – Mark

From Sandra Martinez, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “Friendly, easy to get along with, hard working, dedicated. We’re going to miss her around here; it won’t be quite the same without her. Now who in the world will I give a hard time to?” – Sandra

From Cathy Thomas, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “Carol is a friend and a good co-worker; I can count on her as both. She is a giver; if you need help she would be more then glad to give it. I know I will miss her. I do wish her well in all of her ventures.” – Cathy

From Irene McCartney-Milton, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “Carol LOVES to READ and SHOP.” – Irene

From Tim Hemstreet, WARCO – Orange, CA

“Carol was one of the first friends I made at WARCO . Her pleasant disposition never wavered in the many years we worked together. I am very excited for her retirement but will selfishly miss seeing her around the office.” – Tim

From Eric Kuo, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “Will miss your distinct ‘Hèllo’ around here.” – Eric

From Dorothy David, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “Carol is a gracious lady – cool and calm” – Dorothy

From Indra Purnawan, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “Carol likes flowers, cats and frogs. Her personality is always trying to help others.” – Indra

From Alvaro Lopez, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “Carol is a real good coworker and even better friend. I will always remember her as being real outgoing and real dedicated at her job. She would even come in to work on her days off on vacation. I am really going to miss her.” – Alvaro

From David Siranjeevi, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “I will miss teasing Carol!!” – David

From Manuel Valenzuela, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “Carol was very nice and accepting when I started here in 2007. I will always appreciate that.” – Manuel

From Flor Howell, WARCO – Orange, CA

  • “Carol is a great baker, she always treated the office to a variety of yummy treats and delicious birthday cakes, we will miss this! She was very dedicated and was always willing to help around the office. We will miss you Carol but are so happy for your retirement.” – Flor